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Sometime around my 35th birthday, I realized that I'd never fulfilled one of my early life goals, to become a rock & roll record producer...

So I started my own label, Rear View Recordings, and recruited some musicians who wanted to make an album of their own songs.

That project, called Don't Panic! was a lot of fun, so we got together for a second project that turned out even better:

Roadie for the Kinks

...and other rock and roll mementos

The Nonce with Rookie Phenom (Lawyer's note: This was before the LA hip hop group of the same name and we can prove it).

For a light-hearted history of the band, click here.

Now Hear This!

Thanks to the hip, freeform radio crew at WOBC-FM, Oberlin College, here are digitized tunes from the first and only Nonce single

Roadie for the Kinks

Sometimes I Wonder

Somebody has even tracked Roadie for the Kinks as part of a vainglorious effort to document every song ever played on the Dr. Demento Show.

Here are some never-before-seen photos from a Feb. 14, 1989 performance.

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